Open Letter to TSA

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Dear Power Hungry TSA Agents,

I realize that there is a lot of pressure on you to take your extensive training and protect us from the hazardous liquids. What I don't understand is if the rules are supposed to apply to all of the airports.

It was awfully nice of the SAN TSA agent to allow my wife to bring her 4 oz. saline solution and 3 oz. bottle filled with eye make up remover on the plane. I do realize that we could have taken the plane down with some timely mixing of those two ingredients and urine, but it was still nice of him to let us take them on.
I was awfully rude of the JFK TSA agent to hassle my wife over her 4 oz. saline solution and 3 oz. bottle filled with eye make up remover. I guess he saw how full my bladder was and deduced that I was up to no good and my wife was simply the mule.

While I have your attention I would like to ask your reasoning behind the lack of consistency with the metal detectors at the airports.

If it is to keep the terrorists on their toes so they are not sure if their watch or rivets on their jeans will set off the alarm.......congratulations. I would just like to say that your efforts to secure SLC by making their metal detectors the "most sensitive"......again congratulations. I did appreciate the extra attention I received by stupidly thinking that my jeans, that I safely made it through in SAN, would have to come off.........just like my shoes in SLC.

Thank you for your time and utter lack of really giving a crap about any of this. Keep up the good work and protecting me from people like my wife.

The guy who snuck lotion through security


On 11:18 PM , nayrmilliwg said...

Fight the Power, Rebel Charger!

On 9:30 PM , sknaB nolA said...

nayrmilliwg, I'm a lover not a fighter.