Craigslist Makes Me Feel Dirty

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Ok....I just made my first purchase off Craigslist and it went down like a drug deal, not that I would know how that type of transaction actually works. I made a call to a phone number, asked about the item, determined the price, asked for a meeting spot, and set the meeting time. I hustled to the bank to get cash, drove to the meeting spot, meet the seller, he opened his trunk and I inspected the item. After two or three short sentences between us I handed over the cash, took the item, got in my car and drove away.

As I drove away I felt like I was going to be chased by the police from some undercover sting or that the seller had buddies waiting to rob me and steal back the item. But none of that happened.....I drove home and shared my excitement with Easton........

"Wii'd like to play."


On 3:17 PM , fumanchu said...

Ii'd like to play too? <:)