my feet are killing me

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I am sitting here on the couch looking up facts on Brazil for my son's final project and he is running around our house with his little sister.

Our house has a nice "track" in it. You can run laps from the living room through the kitchen and back through the living room.

They are counting the laps and Easton always runs more than Madison, but this time around...the fifth overall, Easton stops and tells Madison she has two more laps to do.

This time, unlike the previous where she politely keeps running asking us to yell "Go Maddie", she stops...looks at Easton.....and says............"My feet are killing me!"

Obviously this does not please Easton, as he informs her of her still needing to complete more laps, she says, in a louder....stronger........very 'I'm the boss of you'......"My feet are killing me!"

Oh.....and she's turning three in two days.


On 12:24 PM , Katester said...

This is hilarious. I'm picturing Easton as a Cross Fit trainer in the future. "One more lap, ONE MORE LAP!"

On 12:46 PM , Katester said...

And nice to see you are back: I just tagged you with a meme. Rules and format are included in my recent blog post. Get on it!