Cub Scouts, Cancer, and Video

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I attended our first den meeting tonight and there are two parents out of seven video taping the meeting. It started me thinking about my ability to be a good parent without a video camera with me.

My question is now becoming more about what kind of cancer will "they" discover that you can get from shooting too much video of your children growing up. Especially of random tiger cub meetings.

I am also questioning the amount of video that a beginner video person shoots and where it all sits or goes. I guess I should be happy that Google bought YouTube and have acres of server space for my useless video of my child(ren) doing random stuff.

I can't wait to waste hours pouring over video to "save" on the internet while I sit getting my chemo treatment.

*the previous post is not intended to make fun of cancer or the tremendous treatment of chemotherapy. I guess you should just be aware of shooting video while talking on your cell phone.


On 2:39 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

If you have to explain the joke, it isn't funny. You're funny and it's satire. Let it goooooo...

On 3:08 PM , sknaB nolA said...

i know, but for some reason i had a touch of sensitivity and had to type something. it'll never happen again.