Project Jalapeño

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I am worried at work. I feel that we are headed to a Project Jalapeño that Tom Peters refers to from the Wall Street Journal.

I have tried to stop it, but I have been "overruled."

Wear it with pride fellow Uh-More-Ons!


On 12:28 AM , Robert Brewer said...

Dang. Now I really regret having suggested the "Hamilton Project" name. Perhaps we should have gone with "Task Force #312" instead.

To be perfectly blunt, I am smart and motivated by our mission and by myself. Any additional energy spent on motivating me is likely to backfire like a jalapeño up my tailpipe--I will see it as a distraction from that mission and spend an equal amount of energy keeping the motivation from stealing any of my precious attention.

On 8:56 AM , katie said...

Can I e-mail your blog address out to uh-more-on staff? :)

On 12:20 AM , Shawn Passwaters said...

As long as upper and middle management continue to buy into the propoganda machine that is Management & Leadership literature (see, they will always wonder who moved their friggin cheese and why Jesus is the coolest CEO ever, but never understand that the one habit of the highly effective person is not to inspire, but to remind.

"Get back to work" is far more effective than asking someone with a sixth grade reading level where to think in relative proximity to a box.