Early Christmas gifts

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So, I was looking for gifts to get the family and came across a wonderful gift that will bring Jesus into your life in such a delightful way you will never forget.

Beware........after you click on this link get your credit card ready.....you are gonna want to buy all of them.

Happy Christmas shopping :)


On 11:48 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

JESUS SAVES...the shot on goal! I still haven't stopped laughing. I love those Catholics!

On 8:21 AM , sknaB nolA said...

Keep watching....I have found a gold mine of wonderful ways to encourage your friends and family this Christmas.

On 1:28 PM , Anonymous said...

There statutes not figurines!

On 3:01 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

sweet, Man-Fuel.