A Children's Christmas Play is so 2000!

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The church I go to has done some interesting things like using a giant lite-brite in service and handing out matchbooks as invitations to an event. But this one is possibly the oddest one yet.

Instead of the old fashioned Christmas story portrayed by kids who can't remember their lines there will be a hip-hop dance performance by the kids. I don't know if you missed that...a hip-hop dance.

Now, there have been experiential things I have participated in at church that have stretched my perspective...but come on I was a shepherd and wore my dads robe! How can we let that tradition die!?!?!?

Honestly I love the way Flood Church stretches the comfort level I have in my faith. To be asked to come forward and stand under a chuppah and understand how we are all welcome in God's house, unless you are Jewish and getting married, is not something I'd do, but I love the way I am challenged to experience my faith and not just read it.

So, I say bring on the Christmas hip-hop performance get rid of some those traditions and I'll wear the robe to church!