Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

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I got an email today from a name I didn't recognize, but I decided to open it anyway. It was in my gmail account and I figured a large company like Google would be looking out for my best interest and not let a malicious email get through to my inbox.....right?

Back to my point.

The email stated:

Earlier this year, we wrote to let you know that one of your credited creative commons photos had been included in our Schmap Rome Guide.

This is just a quick note to let you know that Schmap Guides have now been released for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Your photo in the iPhone version of our Schmap Rome Guide is here.
I wondered if that earlier this year I had been notified about this. So I looked back in my Flickr mail and in January I had.

Then I remembered that my friend Katie posted something about that.

So not to be outdone, here is my post to somehow make me think I am as cool as she is. Right, who am I fooling? She is way cooler than I am.


On 11:09 AM , Donald McMillan said...

GeoTweeter iPhone App - just launched!!

Thought you might like to take a look at our latest iPhone app, the GeoTweeter:

We're billing it as "The iPhone app that puts the 'where' into your tweets!"

Very simply, GeoTweeter appends a '' map link to tweets, showing the user's current location, with an optional photo, notes and a configurable map icon. Previously saved places can also be retweeted - useful for recommending favorite restaurants etc. and inviting followers to tweetups.

Feedback and ideas for improvements gratefully received...

Best regards,
Donald McMillan

VP, Network Development