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So, I have had some time on my hands:

  1. The sun follows you, so does the moon.
  2. Sun light is 100 times better than fluorescent.
  3. Craigslist has a lot of stuff on it.
  4. I love my family, and yet they drive me crazy too.
  5. The ocean is AWESOME!
  6. Snorkeling with fish is AWESOME!
  7. Everything tastes better when it's off the BBQ.
  8. While standing at the BBQ it is important to be holding a beer.
  9. Pandora is cool.
  10. It's fun to own an ocean kayak.
  11. Summer in San Diego kicks ass.
More to come, unless I somehow get work next week.


On 6:08 AM , BEN said...

Forget going back to work. Become a full time philosopher. And summer in San Diego does kick ass. In KS it is just humid and hot and does not kick ass at all.