Free Advice

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It might be the best piece of advice, but so far it's cost us $90 and it's not fixed yet.


Do not put homemade CD's with paper labels on them in your car CD player. The label can/will get peeled off ever so slightly and become stuck.

So, use it wisely and save yourself $90 to figure out that's what's wrong.


On 9:51 PM , Wendy said...

Grandpa taught Aura how to put coins in a machine to purchase a soda. So why was he surprised when he got in his car and Aura had put the change in the ashtray in his CD slot. No big shocker...the cd doesn't work now.

Free advice noted! Thank you!

On 10:17 AM , fumanchu said...

Don't use paper labels at all. CD's spin at up to 500 rpm, and the small extra weight of a label that's slightly (or completely) off-center can cause the drive motor and spindle undue anguish as it oscillates, shortening the life of the unit.