Retire Now...........

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I came across this today:

Retire now does not mean you stop working. It means you work at what interests you and what you care about.

Retire now means that you take vacations, breaks, and time with your family.

Retire now means you stop always trying to climb up the career ladder and enjoy being on the rung.

Retire now means you "stop trying harder and try softer."

Retire now means you do not always have to be connected or respond to each email within 22 seconds.

Retire now means that you contribute to society and you fully develop yourself.

Retire now means you can take full satisfaction in what you have done in your life, even at 36 years of age!

Retire now means you learn from the past, look forward to the future, but live in the ever-changing current now.

Retire now means that retirement is a part of working not apart from working.

Sounds like a challenge I am willing to take.