Back and Better Than Ever

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Well.......Italia was cool and there is so much to tell and show. There are some pictures here but I really hope that time allows me to update things here.

A quick story.....

About a month before our trip was scheduled to begin we, when I say we I mean Devon, got a call from the airline informing us that a leg of our trip had been cancelled. We needed to adjust our flights. Ok...Devon got the options and called me so we, this time it is really we, could decide what to do.

The funny thing about our options is that the airline had given us an option that would make us completely miss our flight from New York to Rome. Interesting.....I had to ask if they were serious and Devon said yes. Obviously we didn't choose that option :)

We actually got to change our plans and arive earlier in the day when we landed in Roma.

All-in-all.....the trip there was great.

The trip back..................another story.


On 9:09 AM , Wendy said...

Your photos are like picture postcards or from a travel guide. Great eye! They are beautiful

On 9:04 PM , sknaB nolA said...

Thanks wendy.