New Year - New Posts

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Ok...2007 is here. Holy crap, 2007.
The question of the year is:
"how do i slow down and stop to smell the flowers?"
no....actually stop and smell the flowers.
it's not just a cute saying, flowers do smell nice.

i think it really hits home when i watch my kids:
skip, play a game like it's the best game EVER, smile, laugh, share the littlest things with me like i have never seen them before, wake up and get exited because "it's a nice sunny day", not slow down until their head hits the pillow at night, pretend to be a super-hero and tie a blanket around their neck as a cape, believe that new "dash" pajamas make them run faster

so......check back to see what flowers i stop to smell along the way. i hope there are many, otherwise my life is moving too fast.


On 8:03 PM , fumanchu said...

Wait...wait. You expect to have time to live life, smell flowers, AND write about it? Pick any two. ;)