Filed under: by: sknaB nolA interesting conversation was had last night at the dinner table. I will capture it here, to the best of my ability.


Son - Dad, what does gay mean?
Oh crap I almost laughed pizza out my nose!
Me - It means happy. Why do you ask?
This should be interesting.
Son - Jack told me to say I was gay.
That Jack is gonna get you in trouble. Why do you hang around him?
Me - When did he tell you to say that?
Son - On the bus ride home.
Me - What did Jack say gay meant?
This will be interesting.
Son - He said it meant that you read bad magazines and kiss boys on the lips.
Ha! Bad magazines? What the hell is that?
Me - Well, gay can also mean that you kiss boys on the lips.
Wife - But not like you kiss Dad or Uncle Steve.
Good clarification!
Me - Did you say it?
Son - No.
Wife - One thing to probably remember is that you shouldn't say words that you don't know what they mean.
Son - Ok.
That's it? How strange and hilarious.


On 11:43 AM , Katester said...

Makes you want to raise your kids in a bubble, huh?

On 12:24 PM , Anonymous said...

Great parenting by Wife; good self control for "me".

Sister and I laughing out loud reading this!

On 2:56 PM , sknaB nolA said...

katester....i saw that movie and he even got picked on :)

wendy....i have found that "wife" is great to have around or "me" screws up the parenting thing.

On 8:51 AM , JoeBruin88 said...

That was hilarious.