Can I see your ID sir?

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Ok.....I have so many different things to share and so little desire to type them out. I REALLY want to find a speech to text software that works. I can talk for hours, but typing sucks.
Maybe I'll throw my hat into audioblogs.....sure right after I do all those other things on the list.

Ok.....back to the story.
I left town on Monday and ended up losing my drivers license. Crappy!
So I get to CO and make a ton of calls to see if it's in the airport security lost and found. Has ANYONE EVER picked up something from a lost and found? Well, I haven't.
One thing I did find AMAZING is that I talked to a real human being on the phone at the Sacramento DMV headquarters and they faxed me a temporary license. I only wish now that I could call back and have them send me a new one.

Next post......
Why do I need a drivers license to rent a car?