My child the PackRat/Fundraiser

Filed under: by: sknaB nolA child has begun the first grade and LOVES to take the bus to and from school. The crazy thing in all of this is that he misses all of his PBS shows because of the long bus ride. That's besides the point.

The reason I write this is to let you all know that I will chronicle the "treasures" he brings home from school or from his friends on the bus each day.

To catch you up on this week....he has brought home:
- A ball of cotton
- A rusty screw
- Three mechanical pencils (one with no lead)
- One dollar (because my son asked the kid for it and he gave it to him)
- A Mark Grace baseball card
- A sheet of paper with pictures of birds on it
- The bottom part of a freebie-kids-meal car from Carl's Jr. Basically the chasis with wheels
- One giant pixie stix
- A stack of small post-it notes (these were only found after they went through the laundry)

I hope to see more valuable things coming home in the near future. Maybe a set of car keys?

Parenting is fun!


On 11:02 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

I saw the title and thought, at first, that your kid was hanging out at night clubs, singing jazz standards while he smoked Lucky Strikes and hitting on the waitresses. whew. that's a load off...

On 11:04 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

Dyslexia, fun for ALL ages!