Nuns get all the benefits

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All right...a little back-story to set the stage

I used to wander around convention centers and hotels in a suit carrying a two-way radio. For work of course, but I might start doing it again, this time for fun.

I quickly came to realize that with a confident walk, the suit and the radio I could get ANYWHERE in the hotel or convention center. This was awesome. I visited many floors in hotels reserved for the rich and sampled many meals free.

Ok… now fast forward to last weekend.

I was working at a convention and got a run-around for having the wrong color know those things that stick to you arm and are attached by a super secret plastic "button" that NEVER comes off unless you perform surgery...but what I noticed, after I was banned from a area I was apparently allowed to be in, was that nuns were allowed to go EVERYWHERE. I guess I should mention that it was a Catholic Youth Conference, not that there were nuns just wandering around.

So, of course this got me thinking. Where else do nuns get into without any questions? Then I thought, is it possible for me to get a habit?


On 11:19 PM , Anonymous said...

Kinda related in that it involves nuns...

We were headed to the theatre to enjoy a good movie... after spending way too much money or a coke and popcorn we head into the theatre and get our seats.

Not too long after, a group of nuns come in... after finding their seats in the same aisle as we were in, they sit down, lift up there skirts or whatever those things are called and pull out ziplocks full of popcorn.

After getting over the mental picture of nuns pulling popcorn out from... well you get he picture, I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of nuns sneaking popcorn into the theatre.

On 5:01 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

And my high opinion of nuns...have now vanished for me. hm. I must take a moment to collect my wits...wait.

YOU WEAR A SUIT NOW?!? dear lord.

On 8:42 AM , sknaB nolA said...

I used to wear a suit. I cutternly show up for work in shorts, flip-flops and the appropraite shirt.