Long time gone

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Well...It's been a L..O..N..G time since I sat here and plucked on the keyboard.
a lot has been taking up my time, mostly apathy.
what I decided to do is to jot down my list of posts I have been thinking about writing:
1. How come you don't see a Hispanic minute man?
2. How come you don't see an Asian minute man?
3. Why should I get a myspace account to re-connect with past friends? My past friends were idiots.
4. Home ownership sucks. I need a landlord to call and fix my stuff.
5. Something deep about the universe and god. Yet to be determined.
6. How to create a program where I can stay home and have money show up in my bank account.
7. How it never fails with a project I have to do involving a home improvement store I end up looking like an idiot by visiting the store at least three times to get the parts I need.
Ok. Now we are all caught up. I'll see what inspiration I get and when it happens.


On 7:06 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

1. & 2. Seriously, who's fighting to get in to those countries?
3. & 4. I Concur.
5. Been there, done that. PASS.
6. When you find it, pass it along brother!
7. I've just stopped going. They're all [homes] moneypits.