Business 101 - How NOT to fire someone

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The following is a step by step process of how to NOT fire someone (still incomplete):

  1. decide that after one year of complaining from staff and customers "realize" that the person probably doesn't fit on your organization

  2. take six months to "coach" the employee

  3. restructure the organization so the employee is managed by someone else

  4. take three months to "re-coach" the employee

  5. create another job for the employee that is not in the budget

  6. develop a termination process with dates

  7. "fire" the employee

  8. allow the employee to negotiate the pay and timing of the new position

  9. engage in a yelling match with employees spouse

  10. hear the employee voice their inability to believe in the goals, vision and plans for the organization

  11. allow the CEO to enter into the conversation and open up dialogue for negotiation

more to come......


On 4:54 PM , Ryan said...

Preach on...

On 1:01 PM , Anonymous said...

Who are we firing?

On 2:57 PM , sknaB nolA said...

Who is we?

On 11:52 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

I don't know what the hell you WANT FROM ME...I left two years AGO. :D

On 8:22 AM , sknaB nolA said...

I know, but I can finally talk about it now. It's haunted me this long.

On 3:03 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

no sh*t. i still wake up in a cold sweat every now and again.