deep thought

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i was sitting in church, "the shed", last sunday looking forward to hearing rob bell. it was family service so everyone was in the "gathering" and i was present for a sort of play. it was definitely different than what i expected, but not bad. what was discussed was saul and david in 1 samuel 18:6-12.

what i found depressing is that i was entertained by the youngsters portraying saul and david but missed out on the oddest part of the passage. 1 samuel 18:10.

what and how does "an evil spirit from God came mightily upon Saul" mean? i sat waiting for rob to expound upon that, but it was glossed over. actually it wasn't even mentioned.

an evil spirit from God? - jealousy?
coming mightily? - a lot of jealously? anger?
how quickly did this happen? - it's scary to think that God can leave someone in an instant

makes me think.......