Free t-shirt = u got my business

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well, i have been trying to figure out how to get into the eyes and ears of youth leaders. the idea of programs that are flashy and glossy that are our competition tends to put a sarcastic tone in my voice. every year i see many more options for youth leaders sprout up or spend more money to attract youth leaders. in the last five years i have been doing my job i have tried to keep our mission true and not buy bigger and bigger plots of land and place shiny free stuff to attract youth leaders. well, it's getting more and more difficult to not be lured into "bigger is better" when the stuff other groups put up is cool.

back to the sarcasm. i have seen grown men run, jump, climb, and scratch their way to a free t-shirt. it seems as if you give out a free t-shirt you get attention. right now youth ministry is for sale, no, for giveaway.

if you want the business from the youth leader market, print up a lame t-shirt, give it out, and bang! instant marketing. but don't forget, you'll need to bring the t-shirts back next time or you will lose your business. if you really had it in the first place?