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I am reading through my list of RSS feeds and see the headline OBEY STARBUCKS and immediately get a funny smile on my face. I am not anti-Starbucks or anything, but I do find such amusement in the placing of propaganda in or on large corporations.

I know, WWJD.

I am not sure if he would frown on destruction of property, but then again he turned tables over and made quite a mess at the Temple.

So I challenge you all to be on the look out for out of place stickers, posters, etc. and go read what Sheppard Fairey has to say.

Follow some links on the OBEY site and become familiar with the "scene".


On 5:05 PM , Shawn Passwaters said...

Always been a big fan of the Propaganda Fairey. It must be my resentful American Indian roots coming out. It's harder here to be malevolent. Everyone's so pleasent and smarmy.