baseball and steroids

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in baseball's day of extraordinary theater, McGwire won't say whether he took steroids
ok. i am not a political person and do not vote for individuals and usually do not introduce political discussions, but this one is crazy!

why is the government involved in the illegal use of substances in professional baseball? i do realize they probably don't want to be talking about the use of god in the pledge of allegiance because of it being a political hot-potato. but, if i choose to watch a professional baseball player hit the ball so far and continue to break all kinds of records why shouldn't i pay my money and get the entertainment value i am looking for. i really don't care if the guy ends up shrivelling up and dying because of his choice of performance enhancing drug. i got my 418 dollars worth one night in summert watching him hit a ball over 600 feet into the street of crazed drunken spectators looking to sell the ball on ebay.

i say "pump it up" and increase my entertainment dollar value.