enhanced tv

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so, i'm sitting here checking my email and i see an ad for enhanced tv and how i can interact with the oscars. so, i say how do i interact with the oscars? with one click of the button i am sent to a site that lets me rate the look of stars as they come down the runway. ok, interesting. i have a sarcastic side so i know the value of mocking others outfits, but why would i do it online where no one can hear how funny i am? i guess it's for all the aspiring joan rivers fans out there who one day would die for a chance to sit on tv guide channel and critique the clothes of people who probably will never wear that suit or dress again.

so then there come questions for me to answer to gain points to win, god only knows what. ok, now there is competition. who doesn't love beating people like Yanksknicks89, manwithpez, and fan24635? i look forward to bragging to my coworkers on monday how i killed them at oscar knowledge!

alright! this is awesome how the american culture is getting more and more glued to the "boo tube" and now adding the internet. wow, you mean that now i can not only sit and watch tv, but i get to put a computer on my lap too? what next, how about plugging in the bluetooth and calling india to chat with someone. bring on the recliner and the wi-fi!